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Geneva Ad® offers the following services for contract customers and bulk runs:

Woodworking services:
Geneva Ad’s Woodworking plant is fitted with the best machinery. We have a Flatbed C&C Reuttering machine that can handle a full size board. We are capable of creating rounded edging with our Automated Industrial Edging machine which can run straight from CAD and DXF files. We pride ourselves in our environmentally friendly materials we use. 

Laser Cutting Services:
We can cut virtually any non-metal material utilising a full standard sheet (3000mm x 2000mm). In general, we can handle thicknesses of up to 25mm, depending on the material.

Powder Coating Services:
High Performance Coatings for Aluminium and Steel. Our serviced industries include OE automotive parts, architectural building applications, sheet metal applications and high end display units. 

We can handle any commercial or industrial job from prototype to large production runs.

Our quick turnaround services can save you time and money!