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Moonlight® - Mirror

Moonlight Mirror panels are based on the Moonlight Classic design, with the added feature of a glass mirror face.
The mirror functions as a normal mirror until the light source is activated – and then the previously invisible advertising poster is illuminated.
The poster can be activated by means of a motion sensor or can be set up on a timer. Multiple posters are also possible, and the timer can illuminate these on a rotational basis. 



Available in several standard colour
options and custom colours

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in standard or custom sizes, Moonlights can be wall-mounted, free-standing , suspended from ceilings or attached to Intra systems.
  • The poster is securely installed behind the glass mirror, making this a safe and tamper proof unit.
  • The entire unit stands out of sight behind the banner, ensuring maximum exposure for the advertising image.
  • The side feet are made from high quality stainless steel and serve to raise the unit slightly off the ground.