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Menu Boards
Illuminated and Non-Illuminated

Geneva-Ad®has become the largest South African manufacturer of illuminated and non-illuminated menu boards for restaurants and fast food eateries. We offer a wide range of solutions, from cost effective non-illuminated menu systems to high-end backlit and edge-lit systems.

Central to all of these products is a keen understanding of the needs of the restaurateur and the environment within the venue. Be it a drive-thru, bistro, bar, café or high street restaurant, Geneva-Ad®can offer a holistic approach encompassing design, site audits, manufacturing, installation and overall project management to ensure the success of any project.


Moonlight® Menu Classic

  • Moonlight Menu Classic panels are slimline edge-lit panels where the light source is hidden in the frame.
  • A Moonlight can be fitted with either low energy LED lights or fluorescent TL5 lamps.
  • Moonlight Classics can be attached to the wall in such a way as to create an angle, enabling the customer to read the menu more easily.

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Moonlight® Menu Frameless

  • Moonlight Frameless panels are slimline edge-lit panels where the light source is hidden in the frame, fitted with low energy consumption LED lights.
  • The Moonlight Frameless panel is only 20mm deep, and as the name suggests, the panel has no obvious metal frame. This new innovation is possible with LED lighting which is neatly recessed inside the border and allows for maximum brand exposure and impressive slimline illumination.

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Drive-Thru Menu Boards
Illuminated and Non-Illuminated

  • Custom-made to individual specifications
  • All our Drive-Thru menu boards are made to withstand the extreme weather patterns we sometimes experience in South Africa.
  • Aluminium extrusion with Moonlight cover frames
  • LED technology within the frames is used to illuminate the printed posters
  • Printed posters and Perspex faces can easily be changed on site without the use of special tools or expensive contractors



Available in several standard colour
options and custom colours


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