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Industrial Powder Coating Services


High Perfomance Coatings
for Aluminium and Steel.

 At Geneva-Ad® Powder Coating (an independent division of Geneva-Ad), we believe in quality first.

Using sound powder application processes, a no-compromise attitude to pretreatment, and world class application equipment, we are able to ensure consistent finishes on both metal and aluminium.


Our serviced industries include:

  • OE automative parts
  • Sheet metal applications
  • High-end display units
  • Architectural building applications


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With a 9-stage aluminium pretreatment facility and an 8-stage metal pretreatment facility we are able to successfully pass some of the most stringent corrosion tests available today.

Given the benefits of our two stripping tanks and our sandblasting booth, we are able to manage and rework any rejects off the line in a timeous manner, ensuring that you, the client, are always able to fulfil your delivery promises and maintain your credibility with your customers.